Ford Thunderbird 1955


Ford Thunderbird







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Price on request --- Beautiful Ford Thunderbird soon arriving in our showroom! Click the picture for more information.


Car was totally redone and is in NEW condition.


Seats look now so they do not show any signs of tears, rips or stains. More pictures will follow soon!


The car runs on a V8 . The Thunderbird runs really good (we drove it 70 miles to the port and were also in huge traffic, the car did a wonderful job)


Ford unveiled the Thunderbird at the Detroit Auto Show on February 20, 1954. The first production car came off the line on September 9, 1954, and went on sale on October 22, 1954, as a 1955 model, and sold briskly; 3,500 orders were placed in the first ten days of sale. While only 10,000 were planned, 16,155 cars were sold in 1955.

The Thunderbird came with fender skirts and a removable fiberglass top as standard equipment, with a fabric convertible top as a commonly specified option. The engine was Ford's 292-cubic-inch OHV 292 Y-block V8, which got 18MPG of fuel economy. The exhaust pipes exited through twin bumper guards bolted to the rear bumper.

The car used existing chassis and suspension design and off-the-shelf Ford mechanical components. It was constructed using a body-on-frame technique utilizing a version of the standard Ford design cut-down to a 102-inch wheelbase identical to the Corvette's. The engine was paired either with a Fordomatic automatic or manual overdrive transmissions, and the car featured four-way powered seats and pushbutton interior door handles. Other unique features were a telescoping steering wheel and a tachometer.

A rare domestic two-seater for the era, it was designed to be a brisk luxury tourer and not a sports car, capable of attaining speeds of 100 to 115 mph (161 to 185 km/h) depending on the transmission ordered.