Iso Grifo series II 1973


Iso Grifo series II







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Price on request --- Magnificent, very rare Iso Grifo from '73. Read the history about the car below!

The car hereby presented was sold new in 1973 to Mr Valentino,registered in Roma-Italy ,had the standard Campagnolo-alloy wheels (all still in possesion of the actual owner) , originally had the desirable ZF 5-speed manual transmission, optional at the production- time.

The car dates from the penultimate year of ISO-production (1973) and is among the last GRIFOs that were made.

It was sold to a second owner in Torino-Italy where it remained during the 80ties until it was bought by the third owner ,Mr Luigi Sutera in Monaco and registered there under license plate MC 3472.

The famous Salvatore Diomante (Bizzarinis business partner in the 60ties-70ties) rebuilt the mechanics and uprated the brakes (when the car was still in Italy with the second owner in the 80ties) and also installed a rebuilt 7L GM engine (GM 3963512).Although equipped with this 7L engine the car has no hood-scoop (pagode) which most people did not like.This transformation makes the car extremely elegant despite its enormous V8 engine with only one carburator developping approx. 400 HP and having a factory-claimed top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) which made it faster than a Ferrari or Lamborghini at the time.

After having remained for more than 15 years in the private collection of Mr Sutera,the car was offered on auction by Bonhams in Monaco on 15/5/2004 but not sold.After the auction,Thiesen automobile in Hamburg acquired the car and resold it in 2009 to Mr. De Jong in the Netherlands, this Dutch collector being then the fourth (4th) owner.Mr De Jong undertook a complete restoration of engine and body and changed the color of the car by a repaint from green to grey.

Finally,the car was bought by the last owner Mr Dyck in Belgium in 2016.Mr Dyck had the Campagnolo wheels replaced by the same Borrani wire wheels as a lot of production GRIFOs had at the time .The original Campagnolo wheels still remain with the car and can eventually put back on.

Never accident damaged, the car fully retained its original not restored black (leather) interior and features an original Becker radio ,instruments, electric windows and airconditioning (all working and recently maintained)

The car is registered in Belgium under license plate GRIFO (oldtimer) and technical inspection approved.

In 2016 and 2018 the car participated in Coppa Classic Concours in Belgium (where it was awarded best of show and afterwards second of the last 5 years) and in 2016 in concours Paleis Het Loo in the Netherlands (where it became 2nd in class, the first in its class unfortunately being also best of show...) In 2019 the car was shown on the special exhibition of Italian Car Design during the salon of Interclassics in Brussels. It is an eventual entry on Villa d Este or Pebble Beach concours.