Vehicle Transport / shipping

Vehicle shipping

At Henri's Classics, we also provide the service to have your dream car shipped and or transported to its destination. We offer customized shipping service that delivers world-class service. Importing or exporting vehicles in Belgium / The United States is very simple, cost-affordable and efficient. Whether you are transporting your very own personal vehicle, have recently purchased your dream vehicle or are a retailer. We are able to come up with your very own personalized logistic plan in order to provide you with the best possible transport service and experience.

Vehicle ground transport

Do you have a dreamcar that's far away from you ? We make sure your classic car is at your destination within a few days. If your car isn't able to drive anymore then this is not a problem for our experienced drivers. We are equipped with various tools to transport your car. Also for other occasions such as sale, exhibition, maintenance, .. u can use our services. 

*This service is provided for both Europe and The United states*

Available car trailers in Europe : 

BRIAN JAMES TRAILER (race transporter 6)

height: 2,64m

length: 5,50m

width: 2,35m

Max. Load: +- 2140kg

Axles: 3


Length: 5,50m

width: 2,20m

max. load: +-2600kg

axles: 3

* has also the possibility to carry 3 wheelers.