Chevrolet Corvette C2 1963


Chevrolet Corvette C2






Ermine white

Cylinder capacity

327cu, V8





€115.000 --- This '63 Corvette is definitely an eye catcher. The Ermine white fit perfectly with the red interior and might be our favourite color combination.


The paint job on this car was done very well, the paint has a deep shine. The car was kept maintained very well and was only occasionally driven to car shows. The chrome was restored and looks very nice. All the rubbers and weather strips were restored. A huge extra on these cars are the beautiful knock-off wheels that came as an option, like with this C2.


The beautiful red leather seats were restored and maintained very well, there are no signs of any stains, rips or tears. Carpets were also replaced and look very nice. The soft top is brand new and was custom made with canvas. An original bluetooth radio made for these Corvettes was also added.


This Corvette is equipped with a 327cu, V8 that produced 340hp, and a power steering was added. For more information about the mechanics, please contact us.


The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray not only had a new design, but also newfound handling prowess. The Sting Ray was also a somewhat lighter Corvette, so acceleration improved despite unchanged horsepower. For the 1963 model year, 21,513 units would be built, which was up 50 percent from the record-setting 1962 version. Production was divided almost evenly between the convertible and the new coupe – 10,919 and 10,594, respectively – and more than half the convertibles were ordered with the optional lift-off hardtop. Nevertheless, the coupe wouldn't sell as well again throughout the Sting Ray years. The closed Corvette did not outsell the open one until 1969, by which time the coupe came with a T-top featuring removable roof panels.[17] Equipment installations for 1963 began reflecting the market's demand for more civility in sporting cars. The power brake option went into 15 percent of production, power steering into 12 percent. On the other hand, only 278 buyers specified the $421.80 air conditioning; leather upholstery – a mere $80.70 – was ordered on only 1,114 cars. The cast aluminum knock-off wheels, manufactured for Chevy by Kelsey-Hayes, cost $322.80 a set, but few buyers checked off that option. However, almost 18,000 Sting Rays left St. Louis with the four-speed manual gearbox – better than four out of every five.[18]