Ford Pickup 1941


Ford Pickup







Cylinder capacity

Flathead V8





SOLD --- Beautiful Ford Pickup has finally arrived in our showroom. One of the best pickups we had so far, paint is in splendid condition, and the car drives amazing. Come check it out!


Paint is in SPLENDID condition, so is the chrome, new tires.


Seats look new so they do not show any signs of tears, rips or stains.


The car has a flathead V8. Car runs really good (we drove it to the port on the highway, wasn't a problem AT ALL).


Fords for 1941 were much more modern with a wide body that nearly covered the running boards. The front and rear fenders were still pronounced, but were now integrated more into the body and the headlights were pushed all the way up and out over the front wheels. The 1941 grille was a three-part affair with a tall center section bookended by twin kidneys low on the fenders and vertical bars all around. The 1941 was a bigger car with a 194.3-in (4.935-m) overall length and a width increased to 73.12-in. Body styles included two-door and four-door sedans, a sedan coupe, a business coupe, and convertible coupe, sedan delivery wagon, and woody station wagon. The Super Deluxe had several amenities of higher quality over the base models, including more chrome, leather seats, and a wood-grain dashboard. The pickup truck continued with the 1940 standard Ford styling. Production of the 1941 models was disrupted by a sudden labor strike in April 1941; Henry Ford, having resisted unionization well after the rest of the American automobile industry accepted it, finally gave in and signed a contract with the UAW.