Lancia Thema 8:32 1989


Lancia Thema 8:32







Cylinder capacity

3.2L, V8





€26.000 --- Special Lancia Thema with a 3.2L, 8-cylinder in very good, clean condition. An infamous car to most but a collectors item for those who know. 


Paint is in very good condition, no major signs of any chips or scratches, was maintained very well throughout the years. Wheels look untouched and tires were not used a lot. 


The leather seats have a few ageing signs but still look very good without any rips, tears, etc. Carpets are clean, no major stains.


This Lancia Ferrari Thema is equipped with a 3.2L, V8 that was based 32-valve 3.0-liter used in the Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole. The engine produced a stunning 215 horsepower.


To make the ultimate Thema, Lancia called upon Ferrari, its Fiat stable mate, for help. So, that's how the Thema 8.32 ended up with a Ferrari engine, though, this isn't quite the same V8 you'd find in a 308. It was based on the 32-valve 3.0-liter used in the 308 Quattrovalvole, but its flat-plane crankshaft was replaced with a more-traditional cross-plane crank. This changes the firing order, and gave the 8.32 a distinct audio signature from the 308. The engine was built by Ducati, too.

While the Thema 8.32 offered a respectable 215 horsepower—enough to match a contemporary BMW 535i—stuffing a V8 up front made it very nose heavy. Metcalfe says the weight distribution is like that of a Porsche 911, but backwards. And it was expensive, at around double the cost of a four-cylinder Thema.

As you might expect, Lancia didn't sell many—just under 4000, and according to Metcalfe, only nine in the UK. That's kind of a shame, because as Metcalfe finds, the 8.32 is a genuinely entertaining car. It's more of a relaxed, powerful cruiser than an all-out sports-sedan in the mold of the BMW M5.